Presbytery Assembly

November 14, 2020

Our November Presbytery Assembly was held digitally on Zoom, a few photos are below.  We had 78 eligible voting members and a few guests.  There was a full slate of newly elected committee members.  If you have any questions on CON/REP, please contact   The Rev. Anna von Winckler, Presbytery of Newark, was received as a new member, and Transition Pastor to Gardens PC.  There was worship, based on Luke 24:28-35, and the offering will be going to the Christmas Joy Offering.  The Vital Worship discussion was in context of the pandemic crisis, with consideration of time, space and matter as described in the Directory of Worship (W-1.0201). 



The following are announcements and updates by the General Presbyter and Stated Clerk, Daris Bultena:

GPSC Bultena announced that he will be an executive book discussion on racial justice, using White Too Long, by Robert P. Jones on Monday, November 23, 4:0 pm.  The Advent season runs November 29-December 25, and he has provided churches with the Advent Liturgy for the season with graphic pieces.

He gave the following reminders: that the Session Minute Review has a modified for the pandemic season.  The presbytery staff will begin reviewing minutes beginning early in December.  Statistical Reporting has begun, and the deadline is February 18, 2021.  The tutorial and portal can be found on our membersite.  The Necrology Report will be due on January 25, 2021.  If clerks of sessions need help getting into the membersite for these reports, please contact

GPSC Bultena also announced that the 2021 Presbytery Assemblies will be February 6, May 22, August 21, and November 13; and that RE-Barbara Hassall will be the 2021 Moderator.  A whole slate of new committee members has been selected and they will be receiving a committee orientation packet during December.

GPSC Bultena gave an update on the Tuesday Together participation and reminded that the weekly bulletin and the Ministry Resources page has the Covid-19 Conversation Summaries.  He shared how the pandemic numbers are rising exponentially, nationwide.  Currently, the death toll has reached 250,000 deaths.  And with the drier winter weather, air particulates travel farther and easier.  Any infection rate above 1% means that the virus is actively spreading.  He highly recommended that all indoor in-person gatherings cease, and to take services outside if necessary; all the while, everyone should stay masked and distantly apart from one another.  He reminded us that “this was never going to be a one and done decision.” 


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