Presbytery Assembly

PTF Stated Assembly
August 20th at 9:30 am
at First PC-Fort Lauderdale OR Via Zoom

Our Presbytery Assembly is normally two hours in length.  All minister members, ruling elder commissioners, and guests are required to register to be able to attend.  With the Hybrid format, the registration process is slightly different as outlined below.

1) Decide how you will be attending: via Zoom or in-person.

2) For voting purposes, know the role in which you will be participating in:


          • PTF Minister
          • Ruling Elder Commissioner (Assigned and sent by your church’s session)*
          • Elder by Virtue of Office (PTF Committee Chairs & Leadership Council Members)


          • Guest (Including Non-Commissioner Ruling Elders)
          • PTF Candidates & Inquirers
          • Minister Not Attending**

 * Sessions should refer to the yearly PARITY REPORT [May 2022 – May 2023] to see their church’s commissioner allotment.

** Excused absences are for Serving Ministers and Ministers at Large (MAL) only.  Retired & validated ministers (MOS) are automatically excused.

3) Everyone registers via our website by filling out the form below.

      • You will receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL within the next 12 hours (business days).
      • For the in-person registrants the process ends here. Zoom registrants, continue to the next step.

 4) Zoom registration happens after Thursday prior to the Assembly.

      •  The ZOOM REGISTRATION LINK will be in your email box on Thursday prior to the Assembly. If you do not see it, contact Sandra Figueredo before Saturday to problem solve.
      • Upon registering via Zoom, you will receive the ZOOM MEETING LINK to access the meeting. Look for: “Click here to join,” or the actual meeting ID, then click to enter the meeting.

For more info, contact or 954-785-2220.


  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Via Zoom

MAY 21st
Via Zoom

Hybrid Via Zoom or

In-Person at First, Ft. Lauderdale

Hybrid Tentatively



May 2022 Assembly

STATED ASSEMBLY | May 21, 2022

GPSC Bultena reminded the clerks that now Is the time to focus on completing their Session Minute Review for 2021 (for some 2020 also), using the digital copy format.  He thanked those churches that have completed this task: Central, Faith, and Glades.  Once again, our Presbytery was 100% with the annual Statistical Reporting, for which he thanked all the congregations for their efforts.  

GPSC Bultena reported that in the matter of Cary Tolley, complainant VS Presbytery of Tropical Florida, respondent, that the complainant has filed an appeal before the General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC) and has asked for and been denied a stay of enforcement.  The Presbytery has filed with the General Assembly PJC a cross appeal in the matter, and is expected to present its case on September 9th.  By action in the consent motion, the Presbytery has placed the decision of the Synod of South Atlantic PJC in the minutes of the Presbytery as required by the Constitution.

The Pastors Convocation will held at the Embassy Suites in Deerfield Beach on September 14-17, and has asked pulpit pastors to reserve those dates.  He clarified to church leaders that this is work duty and not to be regarded as vacation time or continuing education.  This year will have an additional day to include a face-to-face boundaries training. 

In the future the Presbytery Assembly will be hybrid meeting.  As we will be returning to in-person, we are committed to keeping the online accessibility.  In the coming days the Presbytery staff will be researching for the best and easiest voting app that would suit our meeting needs.  There will be training sessions, in particular during our weekly Tuesday Together time.

GPSC Bultena shared that Rev. Shirley Saunders has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and asked the Presbyter commit to praying for her as she journeying on the path of tumultuous health.  Moderator Franca lead in a corporate prayer for Pastor Saunders.

Rev. Jose Manuel Capella-Pratts (CPM Chair) presented three recommendations, including two inquirers candidates: Mike Mahan (First Miami) and Veronica Chisholm (First Miami), and one candidate for ordination: Dwayne Black Jr.

Rev. Dr. Pamela Masten (COM) presented two recommendations, including Mr. Black’s installation at The Sanctuary (Second PC), and Rev. Melanie Marsh’s membership into the Presbytery as she will be Riviera’s new Transitional Pastor.

GPSC Bultena spoke on Disciple Making as Building Relationship as part of the Vibrant Together ministry plan.  These are the questions that will be considered this season:

The Presbytery worship was a commissioning service for our 225th General Assembly Candidates: RE-Barbara Hassall, TE-Fred Powell-Haig, and YAAD-Jack Rodriguez.  The offering was designated to the PCUSA Pentecost offering.

2022-2023 Parity Report
Mahan / Chisholm Statements of Motivation
Black Statement of Faith
Marsh Statement of Faith
Session Minute Review
2022 Minimum Terms of Call

February 2022 Assembly

STATED ASSEMBLY | February 5, 2022

We started the year with Moderator, Barbara Hassall, installing Rev. Dr. Valdir Franca as the 2022 PTF Moderator.  As Valdir’s first act as Moderator, he thanked Barbara for her faithful year of service, and wished her well as the new Leadership Council Chair.  He also announced that RE Debi Davis is the 2022 Vice Moderator.

The Consent Motion had a few more nominations for COM, CPM, HRC, and PJC.  Other motions included installing Rev. Dr. Daniel Hagmaier to Peace Covenant PC in Key West, where he recently served as Transitional Pastor; as well as enrolling Deborah Viveros (Sunset PC) as Inquirer for Ministry of Word and Sacrament.  A couple of Overtures were concurred with for the 225th General Assembly.

ENV-07 (OVT-034) On Fossil Fuel Divestment
ENV-04 (OVT-015) On Creating the Presbyterian Tree Fund

GPSC Bultena’s report included that we are trying to reach 100% completion of our annual Statistical Reporting by February 11th.  There are many churches that have not completed their required 2021 Session Minute Review for 2020.  This is also the season to submit Installed Pastor’s Terms of Call by February 25th.   The Necrology Report was presented, with a special acknowledgement of the recently deceased former Presbyterian Women Moderator, Ramona Exum (Myrtle Grove).

GPSC Bultena reminded the Presbytery of the ministry plan that was voted on at the November Assembly, pointing out that the emphasis for the next three years will be on 1) building relationships, 2) having spiritual depth, and 3) being missional.  This year we will be concentrating on Building Relationships. The following guided the discussion:

We also discussed how Building Relationships defines Leadership Development as a set of activities that prepare current and future leaders to perform effectively in their roles.  The Presbytery will continue to seek to provide opportunities that build skills for leadership development.  The breakout questions were:

  • How might leaders build relationship with other leaders of the church, members, neighbors, and those beyond the neighborhood?
  • What steps might be taken by leaders to engage, equip, and encourage the building of relationships?
  • What is the role of prayer in building relationships?

2022 Proposed Budget
2021 Necrology Report
Feb. 5 Breakout Responses
Transition to Installed Process
Session Minute Review
2022 Minimum Terms of Call

November 2021 Assembly

STATED ASSEMBLY | November 13, 2021

Our November Assembly was quite busy with elections, including the extension for Daris Bultena as Stated Clerk for another three year term.  Prominent votes included that a portion of the First Miami property be sold and developed to benefit the church; an Administrative Commission will be placed over Calvary Presbyterian Church which no longer has a solid Session; and lastly the receipt of Rev. Kathleen Dain as a new member and Transitional Pastor at First Tequesta.  The development of a new Vibrant Together Ministry Plan was initiated for the next three years.

2022-2024 Ministry Plan
Session Minute Review
2022 Minimum Terms of Call

August 2021 Assembly

STATED ASSEMBLY | August 21, 2021

The Assembly business included the election of new committee members for the Leadership Council, TE Jacqueline Brovold; and for COM, RE Eilean Clark.  The newly elected 225th General Assembly Commissioners are: TE Fred Powell-Haig, RE Barbara Hassall, and RE Debi Davis (alt).  The Rev. Martha “Missy” Shiverick was honorably retired after 40 years of ministry.  Members at Riviera PC shared some fond memories of Rev. Shiverick ministry among them, and GPSC Daris Bultena thanked her for serving on the Leadership Council as chair since 2017.

The Stated Clerk report included that there are 40 congregations still needing to complete the 2021 records review of the 2020 minutes.  He announced that the 2022 Presbytery Assembly dates will be February 5th, May 21st, August 20th, and November 12th – the format will be determined as we get close for each.  The two announcements included the 2021 Pastors Convocation via Zoom, which featured Tod Bolsinger’s Tempered Resilience.  The second announcement was a new lunch and learn webinar for pastors, called Creative Arts Based Self Care Approaches for Pastoral Leadership, on September 21 & 28 and October 5 & 15; led by Jeannelle Benek, MA, HPMT, MT-BC, a master’s level board-certified music therapist, and Ella Dufrene, MPS, ATR, a master’s level art therapist and yoga instructor will be facilitators.

Daris also reviewed that the Clarity of Identity Part One (2019) theme was: “Now We See in a Mirror Dimly – Looking Back, Looking Now, Looking Forward.”  Clarity of Identity Part Two (2021) theme is: “Faith, Hope, and Love Abide – Building Faith, Deepening Hope, and Abiding Love.  Leaders and congregations were invited to name their vision and values; and to evaluate the Vibrant Together workplan.  All were encouraged to use “The Compass of Prayer” as the shared spiritual practice of prayer as we did in 2019.

Geoff McLean, Associate General Presbyter (AGP), was pleased to announce the 2022 Coral Gables Fund (CGF) Vibrant Together Grant Request for Proposals. Vibrant Together Grants are intended to assist congregations as they seek to embrace and employ the principles of Vibrancy as outlined in the Presbytery’s map for ministry. Grants support new ministries or augment existing ministries that support this work. Grants are not intended to supplement congregational budgets for ordinary or ongoing expenses.  The Proposal Submission deadline is October 22, at 5:00 pm. For more information, contact

Session Minute Review Forms
Clarity of Identity Conversations
Vibrant Together Grant Info

May 2021 Assembly

STATED ASSEMBLY | May 22, 2021

The morning started with some lite business, which included taking a poll on where to have the November Assembly.  Since it is not clear what and when post pandemic will arrive, the numbers where split in half between in-person or zoom.  The Rev. Fred Powell-Haig was approved to move from Transitional to Called and Installed Pastor at The Community Church at Lauderdale by the Sea.  Inquirer Tricia Young was approved to be Candidate Under Care.  Our ministry partners were: Rev. Joyce Lieberman (Synod Executive & Stated Clerk of the South Atlantic), Kathy Broyard (Director of Florida Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Network), Dianna Wright (Director of the Office of Ecumenical and Inter-Relations, PCUSA), and Clark Simmons (Senior Consultant, Board of Pensions).

GPSC Daris Bultena led the conversation on Reconciliation as part of the Vibrant Together curriculum.  We were invited to discuss the working definition of Racism as: “Racism is a socially constructed system where some people are advantaged, and others are disadvantaged, merely because of their skin color, ethnic identity or their ancestral background.  Racism is failure to abide by the commandment to love your neighbor and a denial that all are made in the image of God.”  We also discussed the importance of anti-racism training will be for our Presbytery.  We concluded that the training: “Is a commitment to engage in deliberate learning about systemic racism, building consciousness and awareness of how we all have personal racial bias, and examining what it means to be faithful disciples in a culture of systemic racism.”

Moderator Barbara Hassall and Vice Moderator Valdir Franca lead in Pentecost worship which correlated with our Reconciliation conversation.

Policy for Converting a Transitional Pastor to a Called/Installed Pastor  (COM Tab)
Board Of Pensions Update
2021 Minister Salary Report

February 2021 Assembly

STATED ASSEMBLY | February 6, 2021

The first Presbytery Assembly of the year is always a joyous one as we installed our new moderator, Elder Barbara HassallRev. Dr. David Massey was given thanks for his service as the 2020 Moderator.  Rev. Dr. Valdir de Franca was also introduced as our Moderator Elect.  Ms. Jennifer Rohrich was enrolled as a Candidate for Ministry of Word and Sacrament.  Associate General Presbyter, Geoff McLean lead worship with the theme of Reconciliation.  GPSC Bultena presented the topic of Reconciliation as the last of the Vibrant Together topics.  He talked about the theology of Reconciliation based on the Confession of 1967, including: God’s work through Jesus Christ, the sin of humanity, and the New Life.  He went on to talk of the Ministry of Reconciliation and how it works in the mission of the church.  He also announced that there will be a five-week Congregational Lenten Study that can be used during Lent or after Easter, as each congregation chooses.

Session Minute Review Forms
Statistical Reporting
Earth Care Task Force
2020 Necrology Report
Payment Protection Plan 1 & 2
Vibrant Together Reconciliation Bible Study
Tuesday Together

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