Our Congregations

The Presbytery of Tropical Florida has 41 congregations within seven counties.  Our Committee on Ministry manages the congregations into three regions: north, central, and south.  Working our way down, the northern region starts at Ft. Pierce to Boynton Beach.  The central churches start at Delray Beach to Hollywood.  The southern churches start at Hialeah to Key West.

To describe our congregations, one must understand the communities – we have it all in South Florida.  There are large open rural spaces that touch pristine shorelines, swampy everglades that run into metropolitan sky lines, as well as island living in the keys.  The people of South Florida come from all over the united states with heavy concentrations of Midwest folk, and North Easterners, islanders from Cuban to the Caribbean, Central and South American making Miami their new home.

For more information Click the image below,  visit our List of Churches or the Map of our Churches.

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