Employee Retention Credit is money from the IRS for those who had employees during the Pandemic Years 2020 and 2021.

Whatever you have heard to the contrary, all our churches who had employees in 2020 are eligible for the lesser of $5,000 per employee or the person’s cost of wages and health care cost.

Your church is eligible for this credit because you were adversely affected by Government Mandates (to clean after all uses, space out people, close down you facilities, …).

Your church may be eligible for up to $ 21,000 for 2021 based on your income in 2021 as compared to 2019.  The decrease in income is not as high as the second PPP loan and so churches who did not qualify for the second PPP may qualify for the ERC.  I have already prepared the paperwork and sent out the request for one church which just missed the cut off for the PPP 2 but qualified for the ERC for 2021.

The following is the information that was shared by Daris Bultena and Susan Carpenter scarpenter@vibrantpresbytery.org.








Is this a task that keeps getting put toward the bottom of your list?  Do you lack the personnel to get the job done?  In exchange for a tithe after you receive the funds, the Presbytery staff is willing and ready to be of assistance and complete the whole process for you.

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