Disaster Response

The Disaster Response Team for Tropical Florida Presbytery does more than come together with chain saws and muck out kits after a major storm. The Response Team helps the churches and congregations within our Presbytery prepare, educate and take care of their communities for all types of disasters; natural and man-made.

The team will help evaluate the structures on the campus of the church, help develop a Disaster Plan for each congregation and provide preparation training for the congregation and the neighbors they serve.

We ask each congregation to appoint a representative to the team to act as the church liaison and contact point in the event of an emergency. Trainings are available on church site or in Presbytery-wide gatherings. Team meetings will be held in a central location with conferencing ability to make it accessible for all. A pre-Hurricane Season session will be held in late April- tentative date April 25, 2020.

Become a Team Member

To become part of the Disaster Response Team or to schedule an evaluation or training contact: Barbara Hassall, Chair, at 305-469-4499 or barbara.hassall01@gmail.com.

  • Congregational Disaster Response Coordinator(s) selected and trained. (3 year term)
  • Congregational Directory updated at least quarterly. (Including e-mail addresses.)
  • List of congregational members with special needs noted and updated annually Insurance Policies reviewed annually and saved in multiple locations.
  • Financial and Session records saved electronically and stored in multiple locations monthly.
  • Inventory of physical plant made and updated annually. Video record recommended.
  • Consultation with local ARC and EMA re: possible shelters in the area.
  • Consultation with local EMA re: possible disaster scenarios. Develop plans for each.
  • Share emergency kit information with congregation. Kits can be assembled and distributed by groups within the church to elderly and special needs congregation.
  • Coordinate with local/state VOADs to ascertain response partners and roles of each.
  • Determine if the physical plant can be used as an emergency shelter, point of distribution, etc.
  • Develop a communication system within the congregation (i.e. phone tree,Shepherds, etc.)
  • Familiarize the congregation with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the Disaster Response Ministry of the Synod of South Atlantic.
  • Subscribe to Mission Mosaic (free) from PDA.
  • Help create a network of response throughout the Presbytery.

Questions or Concerns?

Call Ken McKenzie, Synod Disaster Response Coordinator

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