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Vibrant Together – These two words describe the life of the Presbytery of Tropical Florida.  Empowering Congregations to be Vibrant Christ-Centered Community, the Presbytery claims its mission with the following statement adopted in 2018:

The Presbytery of Tropical Florida engages, equips, and encourages vibrant Christ-centered communities to build relationships, have spiritual depth, and be missional.  Through leadership development, disciple making, vital worship, reconciliation, and clarity of identity we are Vibrant Together.


Clarity of Identity Part One (2019) theme was: “Now We See in a Mirror Dimly – Looking Back, Looking Now, Looking Forward.”  Clarity of Identity Part Two (2021) theme is: “Faith, Hope, and Love Abide – Building Faith, Deepening Hope, and Abiding Love.  Leaders and congregations were invited to name their vision and values; and to evaluate the Vibrant Together work plan.  All were encouraged to use “The Compass of Prayer” as the shared spiritual practice of prayer as we did in 2019.

Mapping the Way Forward Work Plan
Compass of Prayer


August Polling Results

Vision Conversation Results

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