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Sunday, March 13, 2022
Second Sunday in Lent

The Revised Common Lectionary passages for the Lord’s Day are:
– First Reading: Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18
– Psalm: 27
– Second Reading: Philippians 3:17-4:1
– Gospel Reading: Luke 13:31-35

The liturgical color for the day is: Purple

Jerusalem looms large on the horizon.  In this instance, it is the Pharisees that come to Jesus and warn him against Jerusalem.  The Pharisees are clear here; Herod not only has it out for Jesus but wants him gone. 

The Jesus of the Gospels says, “Go and tell that fox, today I am casting out demons and curing…”  That “fox” Jesus says—it would probably be better if we rendered it in English, “that skunk.”  The literal translation is that “odor.”  “Go tell that odor,” that noxious fume…

Jesus is not deterred.  Jesus is not frightened off.  Jesus is not running away to hide.  Jesus is not changing his course of action.  You see, we know what Jesus is all about.  He announced it that day in Nazareth.  He announced it as he read from the scroll of the prophet Isaiah.  “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news…to proclaim…to release.”  He rolls up the scroll, sits down, and makes a clear announcement.  “Today this is fulfilled in your hearing.”

It was the core of who Jesus was.  It was his purpose.  He was clear on that purpose.  So when he announced on this occasion to the Pharisees, “Go and tell that odor/Go tell that skunk…”—ah, there is no surprise there.  The threat of Herod does not alter his course of staying on track with his purpose.

His purpose is God’s purpose.  It is about living out that call.  When the threats come along, then what?  The purpose is still intact and it is still what forms the course of action.  It is the point of touch with us.  As we brush up against those threats in our living—as we brush up against the Herods of this world, whether they be actual people or situations, the question is will we be deterred from our purpose?  Or does that purpose of God’s mission for our life so define who we are that it alone drives us?

Jesus was clear.  Threat.  Herod.  Odor.  Run away.  No.  No way.  Casting our demons.  Curing.  Today.  On track.  Forward.  That is Jesus.  That is the call.

Rev. Dr. Daris Bultena
General Presbyter and Stated Clerk

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