Jun 29, 2020 | Events, Events Front Page

Upcoming Election Dates:

Primary Election | August 18th
General Election | November 3rd

“To deny anyone a fair vote is a sin.” ( “Lift Every Voice: Democracy, Voting Rights, and Electoral Reform” approved by the 218th General Assembly in 2008).    In this time of pandemic and physical distancing, voting in person may turn into a denial of a right to a fair vote for many people.    Ensure a fair vote by signing up now for vote by mail.    Any Floridian who registered is eligible to vote-by-mail (VBM). Request yours today! As circumstances change, you may opt to VOTE EARLY or VOTE ON ELECTION DAY.  Requesting your VBM ballot now provides insurance that your voice will be heard, regardless of how things change.

There are some challenges with Vote By Mail (VBM) in Florida but there are some plusses, too.   Anyone can ask for a ballot by mail for any reason  – – and you can change your mind even after you get one. 

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