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Jun 21, 2018 | Ministry Partners

A Request from the Presbytery of San Juan

The hurricane season started in June 1st and we are also working on preparation logistics in case we have to face another hurricane this summer (fingers crossed we won’t, though!) Feel free to share this information with the leadership of your churches and/or anyone who may be interested.
1. Centro Presbiteriano de Servicios a la Comunidad (CEPRESCO)
Community Center, part of Caparra Terrace Presbyterian Church in San Juan, that provides, every Tuesday, groceries (from food pantry), grocery vouchers, and free second-hand clothes. Right after the hurricane CEPRESCO was able to provide emergency supplies, help with FEMA online applications, among other activities with the local community.
You may find information at (there’s an English link)
If you want to contribute directly with CEPRESCO, you could do so by donating online on their website.
2. Levántate y Resplandece (Presbytery Disaster Recovery Commission “Rise and Shine”) 
Levántate y Resplandece was created as a commission of the Presbytery of San Juan to work on the church response after Huricanes Irma and María.
Through this initiative, the Presbytery has hosted outreach events every month, since October, where emergency supplies, food, water, clothes and other supplies, pastoral care, medical and other services have been provided for free.  As we are helping in the development of additional long-term ministries in our congregations, here are some examples of what we are already working on and people can contribute to:
La Casona de Monteflores 
Volunteers housing facility in San Juan, located on the premises of Monteflores Presbyterian Church. The facility was remodeled right after the hurricanes hit Puerto Rico and hosted the first mission group in December 2017, and staff is looking into habilitating another area in the building to host more volunteers.
-More info about La Casona de Monteflores here.
Community Laundry
After some donations, Bayamón Presbyterian and Arecibo Presbyterian have been using part of their facilities for a community laundry space. This has been available for the community for free, and has been beneficial for those with no power and/or water service.
Collection Center
Country Club Presbyterian (Carolina) has been using part of their sanctuary as a warehouse for emergency meals provided by FEMA, supplies and other donations. People can go 2 days during the week to pick up or drop off donations.
General fund
People can contribute directly to the “Levántate y Resplandece” commission by sending their donations (financial contributions and/or mail emergency supplies and other supplies needed) to be used/distributed on our local outreach events taking place on a monthly basis. The goal is to host an event at every of our 15 congregations.
3. PDA in Puerto Rico
You can find a report of what the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) has been working on in Puerto Rico.
If you or someone you know would like to learn more about this and/or other ways to get involved with the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico through the Presbytery of San Juan, they can reach me at:
Michelle Muñiz-Vega

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