Intercessory Prayer for Venezuela | 2/1

Jan 31, 2019 | Ministry Partners

“Look! I will make all things new” (Revelation 21: 2-3)

February 1st | 8:00 pm
El Cordero Presbyterian Church
2091 SW 14th Avenue
Miami, FL  33145

Sisters and brothers in Christ,

El Cordero Presbyterian Church has the blessing of having among its members with Venezuelan brothers and sisters and in the last days we have accompanied the pilgrimage of the Venezuelan nation to a “new moment” in its history in prayer and pastoral dialogue.

The events that happen hour after hour are not alien to us. Sixty nations have joined to support the process of changes that has been born under the Constitution of Venezuela. We think of the people of God who are there and spread throughout the world, Venezuelan or of Venezuelan roots, who intercede in prayer so that the changes in the political and diplomatic terrain are produced guided by the Spirit of God and affirm in the certainties that should accompany the men and women who lead them. And it is our prayer that God enlightens all involved, for the struggle for temporary political power does not become an excuse for violence in any of its manifestations, because at the end of each day, God is who is making all things new , so that the law, justice and peace become a reality; respect, the greatest possible harmony and the constructive effort for that nation to rediscover itself.

Tomorrow, February 1, we will be leading, along with Elena, the Encounter of Prayer and Life, at El Cordero, at 8:00 p.m. We invite you to join us and, if that is not possible, join us in intercessory prayer for Venezuela, at the same time. Have the Venezuelan community of the United States in your prayers, if you have Venezuelan friends, do not hesitate to approach them with words of encouragement, solidarity and spiritual guidance.

Pray to the Lord, so that, in this new moment, Venezuelans will not stop putting before God their plans of good government, respect for human rights and reconstruction of the economy. We are sure that God has taught, through sacrifice, the nation of Venezuela. We are convinced that many Venezuelans, men and women, have learned the lesson that God has given them, through the historical events of the last decades, therefore, the task that those who will make the new Venezuela possible have, that they are all those who carry it in their hearts, it is not to forget the poor, to create a model of distribution of wealth that makes it possible for everyone to never again leave the community effort for more freedom, with faith in God, so that the love they have for their homeland is more than an individualistic feeling.

The peace of God be always with you.

Rev. Angel Ortiz

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