Disaster Response Team Getting Ready

Apr 1, 2019 | Ministry Partners

In just over 2 months we are back in the dreaded Hurricane Season.

Although Hurricane Irma seems like a fading memory, many of our churches and congregants and neighbors are still undergoing repairs, battling with insurance and FEMA claims or just waiting for help to arrive. Are you and your church ready for June 1st?

In order for the Presbytery to better prepare a response plan in the event another storm or other disaster/emergency hits, we need to know what YOUR plans are.

The Disaster Response Taskforce/team needs information and team members to canvas and train all the churches in the Presbytery. We can’t help when we don’t know the needs.

Being part of the Disaster Response Team doesn’t mean that you need to use a chain saw, muck out buildings or do the heavy lifting…unless you want to. What we need is for each congregation to identify a point of contact to be part of the team. This person will be trained to help Sessions develop a Church Disaster Plan for the buildings, congregation and community.

Trainings will be scheduled in late April and May to prepare for the “season”. Please submit your Point of Contact and copy of existing Disaster Response plan (if you have one written) to Barbara Hassall, Chair, Disaster Response Team at or send it to Sandra at the Presbytery Office.

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