Butena: Stop In-Person Gatherings

Jul 27, 2020 | General Presbyter & Stated Clerk, Presbytery Announcements, Presbytery Front Page

Stop In-Person Gatherings

These are some difficult times for all of us. I know that we want to be far beyond dealing with any of the shutdowns, physical isolations, and accommodations because of COVID-19.  We may want that, but that simply is not where we are.

We MUST be willing to make sacrifices for how we want to do things to be safe, keep our loved ones safe, and be a VIBRANT witness as disciples of Christ. In previous communications I have attempted to be clear, so let me do so now too.

If you have begun to conduct in-person worship or gatherings, then it is of paramount importance that your session decides to stop doing that immediately. Our faithfulness of witness calls us to humanitarian responsibility where we must make decisions that ensure wellbeing over personal desire and comfort. 


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