2018 Synod of South Atlantic Meeting

May 4, 2018 | GA/Synod

Commissioner RE-Maria Sit, First Spanish Pres, Miami

The 2018 Synod of South Atlantic held its 32nd Stated Meeting on April 19-20.  Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church of Columbia, SC was our host church, and they did a wonderful job welcoming us and providing our meals.  We had a full docket that was worked diligently and productively (see the attached minutes).  Not only did we have a business meeting, we also had a keynote speaker and a worship time that was very inspiring and uplifting.  It is a blessing and a great privilege to be a part of PCUSA council.

Commissioner RE-Linda McLeod, Trinity Pres, Key West

I would like to thank PTF for giving me there blessing in being a member of the ARC Committee of the Synod of South Atlantic PCUSA, I really enjoy meeting with Julie Bailey from Columbia Theological Seminary she really work with the ARC Committee . (Thanks for my being a part of the 32nd Synod Stated Meeting).  The worship service was very much uplifting, and just meeting my sisters and brothers in the Lord doing his work together is the best feeling of all.
Dear Lord

The joy that comes form the love I give, and the love that comes from you, will always fill my life with joy and help me see it through . you show me the way when I’m in doubt, you give me hope each day with love, I give my thanks to you each time I kneel to pray.God Bless PTF and the Synod for  trusting in me to do God’s Work.


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